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Writing a Good Job Description for Hiring Core Java Developers

As a Development Manager or a Team Lead, you often need to write up Job Descriptions which include a brief description of the Team, and the Role’s responsibilities. Some people also include a description of the company, but I usually … Continue reading

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SFEMS – Stable, Flexible, Extensible, Maintainable, Scalable

For the last 8 years that I have been giving my architects, tech leads, and developers their yearly performance reviews, I have been using the acronym “SFEMS”. Arguably you can say I should just be telling my architects and maybe tech leads that … Continue reading

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So, if you had your own t-shirt, what would your catch phrase say?

I recently participated in a company sponsored people strategy event, where I was part of a panel of leaders at various levels within my department. One of the questions posed to the Panel which we didn’t have an opportunity to … Continue reading

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Question Posed: Cultivating Good System Architects

While on my latest trip to London, I was posed the question: “What does it take the cultivate good System Architects within you organization?” As I’m currently sitting in the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse waiting for my flight back to the … Continue reading

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Pair Programming

My favorite agile software development method, is Pair Programming. It is a technique where two programmers will work together at a single computer, working on the same project or component. One is known as the Driver, the person who is actually … Continue reading

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Education verses Experience

As a hiring manager, I am often faced with the question of Education verses Experience. This extends beyond hiring experienced candidates, to entry level candidates as well. A usual rule of thumb for experienced hires is that 5 solid years … Continue reading

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Helping your developers to maintain other people’s code

What is so difficult about maintaining another developers code? How can you as a development manager or architect ensure that all developers on your team can maintain any other team member’s code? These are the two questions I want to … Continue reading

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