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Notice: Please note that all designs, suggestions, code, and other writing on this web site are of my personal opinion and not the opinion of my employers and all the Intellectual Property and other information is from my Personal Projects and experiences outside of my professional work.

Robert Ilardi is a professional software developer, project manager, software architect, and an Executive Director in the Financial Services Industry in the New York City area. Robert started his professional career in 1999 at Lehman Brothers, but left the company a week after the now famous bankruptcy in September 2008, and continued his Professional Software Development Career at Citigroup, Inc, an left Citi in 2014 for another financial services firm to work on Big Data / Hadoop Projects in Risk Technology, obtaining his Cloudera Hadoop Developer Certification along the way. Robert currently works on a OTC Derivatives Trading System, owning both the Legacy Version as well as being in charge of the Re-engineering of this system. Robert graduated with a BS in Information Management from Polytechnic University (now NYU Poly) in 2001.

Robert began programming at the age of 7 on a Commodore 64, in BASIC, after becoming bored playing the games he had on the system. While reading the User Guide for the Commodore, looking for additional commands, he found the section on BASIC Programming, and began creating system text-only games, such as Password guessing challenges, and than moved on to creating simple graphics using Sprites.

Later, on an Intel 286 with 640KB of RAM, Robert moved on to GW-BASIC and later QBasic. In High School at Xaverian High School, on his first Windows 3.1 machine which was a 486 DX2 66MHz with 8MB of RAM and a 540MB Hard Drive, Robert began programming in Visual Basic 3.0 and moved on to VB 4.0 and eventually VB 6.0 and C++ using the Borland C++ IDE.

In College at Poly, most of Robert’s Computer Science courses where in C and C++. Throughout his four years in College Robert worked on C/C++ on Unix and Linux machines, first installing Red Hat Linux 5.1 at home. Interested in low level programming Robert’s took Assembler for the IBM PC and elective course writing x86 Assembler including creation of Interrupt Handlers to simulate multiple threads within a single application. During his Senior Year he took the only Java programming course the school offered.

Throughout college, Robert worked at Lehman Brothers. First as a Summer Intern, then as a Part Time Junior Developer between classes at school. At work he developed C and C++ programs for the EMU (Euro Conversion), and various Perl, Sybase Stored Procedures, and VB programs for the Product Reference Data group.

After graduation Robert took a full time Developer position at Lehman, continuing to work for the Reference Data organization where he was an Intern and Part Time employee during college. He chose to skip the Technology and Development training Program which Lehman offered, and instead with the support of his management, started on-the-job training by directly working on Production Systems on day one for the ESM system (Enterprise Security Master). The system was build on Solaris Unix and Sybase, and made very heavy use of Java, Perl, and Shell scripts. Robert was part of the Loader (ETL) team and also worked on developing Web Application. Everything was written in Java, Perl, and SHell scripts. Based on his Intro to Java Programming course at school, Robert worked after hours to catch up on more advanced Java programming so he could contribute more to the team.

A quick run down of Robert’s professional IT career is listed below. However for more information, please refer to his full Curriculum Vitae.

Robert’s Professional IT Career Timeline:

  • Lehman Brothers
    • 1998 – 1999: Summer Intern
    • 1999 – 2001: Part-Time Junior Developer
    • 2001 – 2003: Developer
    • 2003 – 2004: Senior Developer
    • 2004: Team Lead, Assistant Vice President
    • 2005: Team Leader, Architect, Assistant Vice President
    • 2006 – 2007: Project Leader, Architect, Vice President
    • 2007 – 2008: Architect, Project Manager, Vice President
  • Citi, Inc.
    • 2008 – 2009: IT Project Manager, Vice President
    • 2010 – 2011: Apps Dev Senior Group Manager, Senior Vice President
    • 2012 – 2014: Apps Dev Senior Group Manager, Director
  • [Another Financial Services Firm – I do not list my current employer]
    • 2014 – Present: Executive Director

During College, Robert also try to start his own software company called RogueLogic. Between 1999 and 2000 Robert developed an “Application Server” for the everyday Windows user, which he called “WinTerm”. Eventually he shopped it and RogueLogic around to various Venture Capitalists. On firm called RRE Ventures, agreed to a meeting and Robert presented WinTerm and his vision for RogueLogic to RRE in their Midtown Manhattan offices. Although that meeting did not result in a capital investment in RogueLogic, Robert saw that meeting as a great learning and rewarding experience. Just having the opportunity at 20 years old to present his ideas and vision to a serious group of  investors and gaining their constructive feedback was worth all the effort. Best of all Robert did it all on his own. No one made the connections or helped to setup the meeting. Robert himself reached out to RRE and they decided to setup a meeting with him. Today, RogueLogic.com is still Robert’s personal Web Site, where you can find links to his various Open Source projects and other interesting things. Please feel free to explore that web site as well.

If you would like to contact Robert for more information, interviews, requests for contribution to articles or other publications, speaking events, or other opportunities please fill out the form below:

If you would like to contact Robert for more information, interviews, requests for contribution to articles or other publications, speaking events, or other opportunities please fill out the form below:

Thank you for your interest…

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