This started way back in high school (around 1995), when my friends and I were attending Xaverian High School. A bunch of us used to meet early around 7AM in the caferteria for breakfast and to work on our homework, every morning for the entire 4 years we were in high school…

One of the guys at our table was talking about how Quad-Speed CD-ROM “Spin too Fast”… As you can see this is really dated based on the top speed of CD-ROMs at the time.

Anyway it started this big discussion between three guys, Chris, Anthony, and myself. I am still good friends with Anthony today, and we actually work together. The three of us were the big computer guys at our table, so this discussion was pretty typical for us.

Anyway, after a week of arguing about 4X CD-ROM NOT being too fast as Chris insisted I drew this pretty poor GIF in Paint Shop Pro probably version 1.X…


Much much, later when we were all in college, I came across this file on one of my backup CD’s, and emailed it out to the guys…

After some laughes, and “f-u rob’s”, Anthony created the Flash version since he was taking a Multi-Media course or something…

Anyway, click here to Watch the CD-2-Fast Flash movie… It doesn’t work well embedded on my blog post, so had to make it a separate page…

Just Another Stream of Random Bits…
– Robert C. Ilardi
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